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For qualified trainers interested in renting space:

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Become a Boco Fit Trainer

we offer


Pay a flat fee and increase your

personal income.

Boco Fit is a boutique fitness center with 3 locations in the heart of downtown Nashville.  We are looking for seasoned trainers who have an existing clientele.  As you continue to train your clients, we will also bring new clients if you have openings available.  This is a unique business platform designed to foster financial success for experienced personal trainers... and an opportunity to be part of an elite team.  

Boco Fit Executive Wellness has integrated precision exercise into it's service model with DNA testing.  Precision exercise combined with a 3D body scanner gives our trainers the ability to accurately customize a training program while accurately measuring/tracking the results.  It's Geneus®.


7+ Years Experience

Nationally Certified Personal Trainer (ACE, ISSA, NASM, etc)

Outgoing Personality & Passion for Fitness

Team Player



Boco Fit Executive Wellness is an independent, family-oriented organization and we are looking for individuals that care about people... spirit, mind, body.  Our values are rooted in integrity, diversity, and excellence.

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