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Shane Hoving
Nutrition Coach and Director of Geneus® 

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Genetic screening for precision performance combined with a baseline 3D Body Scan is a Geneus® way to begin your fitness journey! 


DNA Active is a genetic test for precision fitness.  

This test looks at 48 genetic variants which apply to 8 exercise and 6 nutrient outcomes. 


You will get a personalized report that details injury potential; recovery; endurance potential; power potential; peak training time; muscle cramping susceptibility; caffeine metabolism; pressure response; saturated fat impact; carbohydrate impact; and exercise for weight management.


When you are at Boco Fit to complete the genetic test, we will do a baseline 3D Body Scan that measures the following:


Body Fat %

Subcutaneous Fat

Visceral Fat

Android Fat Mass

Gynoid Fat Mass

Mineral Content (Bone Mass)

Body Measurements


You will get an additional free scan, to measure your progress, whenever you choose.

Optimize Your Fitness

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Innovative 3D Body Scanning

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